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The Knott End campaign begins

1965, the year that changed my life

Sunday 7th November 1965
 1. The Knott End campaign began at the local cinema on the evening of Sunday 7th November 1965. A coach was laid on for us to go to at least two of the meetings: on the Sunday; and to a midweek meeting. We didn’t go on the ferry; we went round by the nearest road route, crossing the Wyre further upriver by the toll bridge, Shard Bridge, a journey of some 15 miles.

"Shard Bridge" — photo taken soon after its opening in 1864
 I remember Nando Terranova, an Italian who belonged to our church and was part of the instrumental group that played on Sunday evenings, giving a recital on his accordion; and I assume that Angela Bidle, Pastor’s daughter, would have sung a few numbers too, for she sang regularly at church. Then John Nelson Parr spoke.

"Nando Terranova" — attempting to catch and swallow a peanut in the late 1960s

"Angela Bidle…", "Pastor…" — late 1960s

"John Nelson Parr" — ca.1970
 2. Although the campaign itself was not a success — for hardly any of the locals turned up — much to everyone’s surprise, Myra Dine went forward during John Nelson Parr’s end-of-sermon appeal, her face red and her cheeks streaming with tears. Everyone thought she was already saved; she was, after all, the daughter of Mrs. Dine — Stella — who regularly attended Fleetwood Full Gospel Church. But Myra, realising that she had never given her life to the Lord, went forward that night.

"Myra Dine" — 1970

"Mrs. Dine – Stella" — 1970
On the Knott End coach with Audrey

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