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1965, the year that changed my life
The Knott End Campaign, and what followed

Perhaps Monday 1 November 1965
 1. The young people at the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood, used to celebrate Hallowe’en at the church with a party.

"The young people used to celebrate Hallowe’en at the church…"

The celebration of Hallowe’en was later dropped; I think it offended the more “pious” of the young people — the “Hasidim”, I called them. (“Hasidim” is Hebrew for “pious ones”.)
 2. In 1965, Hallowe’en, 31st October, fell on a Sunday, so the young people’s event may have been scheduled for the following evening, to avoid clashing with the main church meetings. If, indeed, it was not postponed till after the Knott End campaign…

 3. On such occasions there was much merriment, and games, such as apple-bobbing, in the minor hall, the first meeting-room one came into after entering the building.
[But see A festive occasion with the young people of the church.]

 4. After the games, we would all gather round in the main hall, the lights would be dimmed, and Mrs. Smith, the Pastor’s wife, would tell us spooky stories.

"…and Mrs. Smith would tell us spooky stories."
The Knott End campaign begins

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