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Our second visit to the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood

1965, the year that changed my life
The “Abortive Camping Expedition” — Day Two

Perhaps Sunday 28th March 1965
 The following weekend, when we went back to the Full Gospel Church in Lowther Road, Fleetwood, Chris apologised to Pastor Smith for not showing up the previous week. Somebody said, “Oh, we missed you last week”, and so we felt some need to explain to Pastor Smith where we had been. And Pastor was really warm towards us: he showed no interest in explanations; he just kept saying, “I’m delighted to see you, I’m delighted to see you.” Those were his words, as if to dismiss our apologies before Chris could finish.
 We had intended to be regular attenders at the church, and felt embarrassed that we had supposedly joined, then not turned up the following week. It may have been then that Pastor said, “Well, why don’t you come to one of our week-night meetings? We have meetings in the week; come on Tuesday to the Bible Study” — which we did.

David Jones

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