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The “Abortive Camping Expedition” — Day Two

1965, the year that changed my life
The “Abortive Camping Expedition” — Day One

Perhaps Sunday 21st March 1965
 1. Next day, Peter and I broke camp, and made our way back. We arrived in Manchester — I seem to remember being outside Sharon — towards the time for the morning meeting, and met Chris. We had originally planned to make our way back to the Williamses’ place, so not having met Chris as arranged, we nevertheless kept to our plan, thinking that he might have done the same.

"Chris", "outside Sharon" — 2005 photo
 2. We were dressed in scruffy clothes, and wouldn’t go into the meeting at Sharon. They — I have in mind Hazel and Pam here — tried to talk us into going in. “But we’re dressed scruffy,” we protested. We had been brought up with a “churchy” background.
 “It doesn’t matter,” they said.

"They — I have in mind Hazel [right] and Pam [left] here — tried to talk us into going in" — 1969 photo
 3. I was wearing boots, fell-walking boots, and I had some socks knitted in a ribbed pattern — I should have worn some soft inner socks, but I had got these hard, ribbed ones next to the skin — and I had huge blisters, big puffy blisters.

Our second visit to the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood

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