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Pamela’s fourth letter

1965, the year that changed my life
Pamela’s third letter

 1. My letter replying to Pam’s third contained some sort of humorous warning that Jones might come and take revenge on her for her phone call to him.[more] It also requested further ideas for where we might go when Chris and I visited Hazel and Pam at Whitsuntide.

Perhaps Wednesday 2nd June 1965
 2. Pam’s letter back to me is undated, but the envelope is postmarked “9.45
PM 1 JNE 1965”. From the letter it is evident that she was writing it just before she posted it. I would have received it the day after that, Wednesday.

69, Upper Chorlton Rd.
Whalley Range, 
Manchester 16

Dear John,
 Thanks for your letter warning me about Jones. But how will he know my address as I wasn’t phoning from home?
 I haven’t really thought of any more places to go. But Dad said he’ll take us to the Airport if you wanted.
[1] Then we could go on to a Park or somewhere, if it’s a nice day.
 I went to the youth meeting last night. It was quite good. We have been divided up into groups. Each group will do different things like making tapes and small films for the Sunday School.
 Mum and Dad came back yesterday dinner-time. It was my day off so I made the dinner for them. Don’t you think I was good?
 Well I’ll close now, John, as I will not catch the post.

All my love.
  x x x x

P.S. I’ve enclosed 10s to help with your fare.[2]

[1] Dad said he’ll take us to the Airport if you wanted: As it happened, we didn’t go to Manchester Airport when we visited at Whitsuntide.
[2] 10s: Ten shillings, or 50p.

Chris and I visit Hazel and Pam

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