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Chris and I visit Hazel and Pam

1965, the year that changed my life
Pamela’s fourth letter

Saturday 5th June 1965
 1. On the day before Whit Sunday, 1965, Chris and I travelled (by the “X60” bus, presumably) to Manchester to visit the Williamses, and more particularly, to see Hazel and Pam.
 Was this the occasion, I wonder, when before we travelled I was round at Chris’s house, and went off in a huff when I learned that Chris’s Dad was not, as I had assumed, going to take us to the Coliseum bus station?
 Anyway, at one such time as this, I went off; then later Chris’s Mum and Dad came round and rang our front doorbell. His Mum said to my Mum when she opened the door, “We’ve just called to say that Cliff will be taking the boys to the Coliseum.”
 “Who’s Cliff?” my Mum asked.
 “I am!” The two syllables were rattled off with machine-gun rapidity by the smiling figure standing behind Chris’s Mum.
 My Mum almost said, “Oh, I thought you were Fido!”

“Who’s Cliff?”

“I am!”

“Oh, I thought you were Fido!”
[That we call him “Fido” is supposedly the best kept secret (i.e. secret kept from him) in the whole universe.]

 2. I don’t recall any Youth Meeting being held at Sharon that Saturday evening. It is possible that we spent some time with the girls in the front room of the Williamses’ flat, sitting on the settee (which would unfold into the bed that Chris and I slept in). On a number of occasions we did our courting that way, with Pam seated on my knee and Hazel on Chris’s.
 Chris recalls an occasion when we smoked in that room while the girls were there.

I think that on that particular Saturday evening, Hazel and Pam took us to Seymour Park which was within walking distance of 69, Upper Chorlton Road. That was a park which lies in Stretford, between Seymour Grove and Northumberland Road. My recollections are that we went as a foursome, and that it was a Saturday evening in early summer. So it would fit. Chris.

The Day of Pentecost

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