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Pamela’s second letter

1965, the year that changed my life
The “waiting meeting”

Perhaps Tuesday 25th May 1965
 1. Judging by the postmark, (Monday) “9.45
AM 24 MAY 1965”, I would have received Pam’s second letter the following day, Tuesday. She had written it the previous day, Sunday.

69, Upper Chorlton Road,
Whalley Range,  
Manchester 16.


Dear John,
 Thanks for your letter. You didn’t have to apologise as I could tell you were all in a panic. I am sorry you had to go to all that trouble.

This seems to relate to the abortive telephone call mentioned in her previous letter.
 The weather’s gorgeous here today. What’s it like in Blackpool? I’m sitting in the garden writing this letter before Sunday School.
 By the way, John, there is another three girls
[1] coming to Scarborough with us. So tell Peter, it might cheer him up.
One of the “girls” in their party turned out to be Mary, whom I have already described in not very favourable terms.[more]
 We think it’s a good idea, if you or Chris aren’t going anywhere, you could come down for Whit. You could come about Saturday tea-time then we would have all Sunday and Monday. We could go out for the day on Monday somewhere. Write and tell me what you think.
 Behave yourself at the youth meeting tonight, no getting gangs of girls in or I will deal with you personally.
For what happened in that Youth Meeting, if I have got the chronology right, see the previous story The “waiting meeting”.
 I will close now, John.

All my love,
x x x x.

 P.S. Peter is invited, of course.

But Peter, understandably, didn’t come along with Chris and me to the Williamses’ that Whitsuntide. I suppose I mentioned it to him, but he declined to come.

 2. The “Love, Pam” of the first letter had now been upgraded to “All my love”, echoing, I imagine, what I had written on both my letters.
[1] For the identity of the “another three girls”, see Holiday in Scarborough — Day One, par.8.
Pamela’s third letter

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