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A postcard from Chris

1965, the year that changed my life
Another letter from Chris

Perhaps Saturday 7th August 1965
Chris sent me a picture postcard with a photo of St. James’ Church, the parish church of Grimsby, on the front. He wrote and posted it on Friday 6th August, and I presumably got it as he planned on Saturday, the day he was due to return to Thornton. Judging by what Chris wrote, I must have written to him soon after receiving his letter on Tuesday, but he didn’t receive my letter till Friday morning.

Dear John,
 Just to let you know that I got your letter this morning. I think that there must have been some delay in the post, and it wasn’t worth while answering it now. So I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon, that’s
THIS AFTERNOON to you. Come and meet me if you’re not doing anything else, and if you feel like it. The bus gets in at 2.
Yours, Chris
A letter from Pam

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