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Chris Woodhead

Early Days

Sunday 16th July 1950
 1. Chris Woodhead was born on Sunday 16th July 1950 at the Belvedere nursing home, Hainton Avenue, Grimsby.[1]
[1] Belvedere Nursing Home: When I first wrote this (June 1979), Chris and I went to the same dentist, M.J. Booth, at 410 Hainton Avenue, Grimsby. I was surprised to learn that this used to be the very Belvedere nursing home where Chris was born.
The former Belvedere Nursing Home in 2009
 2. He lived at his grandparents’ house, a terraced house in Veal Street, Grimsby, until the birth of his brother David,
[2] when, leaving his grandparents, the family moved to Felstead Road, Grimsby.
[2] The birth of his brother David: This was in August 1955.
What an ugly hotch-potch the DIY “home improvers” have made of Veal Street! Nothing matches; there’s no symmetry. And the stonework at No.43, Chris’s home for his first five years, is so obviously fake! If Jones were to make his historic pronouncement[more] today, he would be right.
Chris’s house in Felstead Road, No.51, was next to the last in a block of five conjoined houses. The houses in Felstead Road were built in blocks of four, five and six units.
 3. Chris went first to Yarborough Road infants’ school,
[3] then at the age of seven[4] went to the adjoining junior boys’ school.
[3] Chris went first to Yarborough Road infants’ school: This was in 1955.
[4] At the age of seven: In 1957.
Key: A, Yarborough Road Infants’ School; B, Junior Boys’ School; C, Junior Girls’ School; D, Worsley Infants’ School
 4. He remembers that the last class he was in,
[5] Class 4A, was in a room right at the end of the school building, that is, at the far end from Yarborough Road.[6]
[5] The last class he was in: In 1960. See also The Woodheads move to Thornton.
[6] At the far end from Yarborough Road — i.e. looking out onto Central Parade, just before the corner of Durham Avenue.

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