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Christopher John Woodhead —

Those who knew him called him “Chris” (or following grammar-school practice, “Woodhead”); and those who knew of him, referred to him variously (depending on their disposition and sensitivity) as “the boy with the blond hair” or “the boy who has fits”.[more]

Chris Woodhead was born on Sunday 16th July 1950 in the east-coast town of Grimsby.
[more] In 1960 his father became the Ministry of Transport marine surveyor at Fleetwood docks, and took the family over to live in Thornton.[more] I met Chris briefly in summer 1961,[more] and later came into contact with him through David Jones,[more] but it was not until 1963 that a regular friendship was established between us.

Chris was unhappy at home owing to the strictness of his father — whom he nicknamed “Fido” (a name more usually given to dogs) because of a tendency to make barking sounds when annoyed — and by the end of 1964 he had run away from home twice, making for Grimsby. On the first attempt, he travelled by train, but was picked up by police at Manchester Victoria railway station. On the second attempt, he hitch-hiked and actually made it to Grimsby — but not until two of the drivers who picked him up had attempted to behave indecently with him.

"Fido" in 1977
This account brings us up to the events described in 1965, the year that changed my life, especially Chris and I watch “Sharon” on TV, onwards.
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—as well as numerous entries in 1965, the year that changed my life and later.

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