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Jones’s behaviour at a tea party

Early Days
Perhaps Monday 16th July 1962
 This is a tale related by Chris’s Mum.
 It was a birthday party—Chris’s birthday party—and a number of boys had been invited. Richard Hartley would probably be there. One boy was definitely there: David Jones.
 So there they were—all these boys, sitting round the table—and they’d had tea: sandwiches and jelly and the like. Everybody had finished, and they were waiting expectantly to be asked to have a cake. There were many different sorts of cakes, but one of them was a big one, with lots of cream and icing.
 And without any more ado, Jones stood up, leaned over and said, “Ooh, I’ll have that one!” and took it, the largest one, off the plate. Imagine, if you will, this great big arm coming over onto the table: “I’ll have that one!” No “please”! Or “thank you”!
 And Nan was there, Chris’s Grandma; and she said afterwards, “Wasn’t he a rude boy, David!”

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