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1966 diary: Pages 20–22


During this year, I became a Sunday School teacher, and names of pupils are listed on pages 20 and 22.

Veronica White
Antony McAlpine

George Macalpine
Robin Jones
Julie Moran
Terina Chorlton
Lesley White
Susan Stockton
Jeanette Shewan
John Bailey

Pauline Deyhurst
2 Malcolm Place

Looking at this list of my first Sunday School pupils at the Full Gospel Church, I can’t recall their faces, but I think they were very young, perhaps aged six. The class, apparently, judging by the fact that their names are written in ball-point, consisted originally of George McAlpine, Robin Jones, Julie Moran, Terina Chorlton, Lesley White, Susan Stockton, Jeanette Shewan and John Bailey. I had difficulty with the name, which I wrote in pencil, of the additional girl; I wanted to call her “Dewhurst”, but she kept insisting on pronouncing her surname like “Deyhurst”: Pauline Deyhurst. But she wasn’t (yet) literate and couldn’t spell it for me. She evidently lived at 2 Malcolm Place, Fleetwood. (One transcript that I made assumed that Malcolm Place was another pupil; but I have, since then, noticed the “2” in front of it, checked a gazetteer, and found that Malcolm Place as an address does in fact exist.) The ticks and zeros by each name seem to indicate attendance and non-attendance, and the 10’s and 20’s some sort of performance marking. On page 20 are two additional pencilled names: Veronica White (perhaps Lesley’s sister) and Antony McAlpine (presumably George’s brother).


Teri Shearer wrote,
Friday, 17 June 2011 at 21:59
In a moment of serendipity I came across your blog. I am Terina Chorlton one of your Sunday School pupils from 1966. I vaguely remember Full Gospel Church and Sunday School. I don't remember you but remember some of your pupils who I went to junior school with. Jeanette Shewan, John Bailey and Veronica White.

The above comment came through Facebook. I replied the same way.

John Edward Cooper
Thursday, 23 June at 15:22
Hi Teri,
Sorry for the delay in replying. For some reason the little "notifications" flag didn't come up with the arrival of your message.
It's good to hear from you, even though I too don't remember you apart from your name.

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