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1966 started off well, spiritually, but in July I began to stumble.

1966 diary:






Under the photo of Maurice and Kay’s wedding, the caption reads: Mr. Maurice Dowsing, of Borrowdale-avenue, Fleetwood, and Miss Katherine Elizabeth Thompson, of Park-avenue, Fleetwood, who were married at the Gospel Church, Fleetwood. Kay had repeatedly reminded everyone almost ad nauseam when she got up to speak in Saturday-evening Testimony meetings at the Full Gospel Church: “Now as you know, we’re getting married in May…” Inward groans, followed later by my quip to Audrey and her parents, “Maurice and Kay, married in May!”





The rest of the year:

Undated documents:

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  • School photo of Audrey
    Photo of Audrey taken at her school, Bailey Secondary School, Beach Road, Fleetwood. Judging by the length of her hair, I guess it was taken late in 1966.

  • The Old Account
    Typescript of the lyrics from the song “The Old Account”, from a Johnny Cash LP borrowed from the Woods.

  • From Pilgrim’s Progress
    Typescript of some Biblical-sounding maxims from Pilgrim’s Progress which appealed to me.

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