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Monday 31st January 1966


In the NOTES section is a note for the week (or at least, the school-week: Monday to Friday)—

Tests instead of
exams this week.
—and there is a note for today:

Mon[day:] Applied Maths
The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

G. Optics.
Morning—No G. Opticks exams—now
on Wednesday. Dinner time spoke to
Ingle about Christ. Applied maths
exam at afternoon. Dead diffi-
cult—a shocker! Spoke to Pickup
on the bus coming home. Stopped
in at night.
Appl[ied] Math[ematic]s, G[eometircal] Optics” was a previously written note, partially deleted in the light of events: “No G. Opticks exams.” (My misspelling, or archaic spelling, of Optics was intentional.)

I assume that, as in the case of Stephen Ingle at dinner time, it was about Christ that I spoke to Andrew Pickup on the bus coming home. This is a complete turn-around from my behaviour towards Pickup in the story Andrew Pickup.

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