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soulwinner, soulwinning

These terms are derived from Proverbs 11.30: “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise”. Since the goal of faith is salvation for the soul (1 Peter 1.9), a soulwinner is one who brings people to faith and the experience of salvation.

The first use of the word in John Edward Cooper’s Notes is in the story of John Nelson Parr, who would lament the fact that millions of Christians never win a soul for Jesus Christ. He envisaged the Judgment, where a person who had lived and worked with a Christian for many years, on being condemned to hell, would point the finger and accuse that person: “You never told me!” So his message to the “saved” was to be filled with the Holy Ghost—be “on fire for God”, as he put it—and to get soulwinning. In 1966 he published a little paperback manual entitled Soulwinning Simplified.

See also: Sunday 13th February 1966, Friday 18th February 1966, Saturday 19th February 1966, Friday 10th March 1967.

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