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Sunday 13th February 1966


In the NOTES section is a note for the week:

Get Gen from
School of Evangelism.
Get Gen [information] from School of Evangelism: The “International School of Evangelism”, based at the Gospel Tabernacle, Pitts Road, Slough, Bucks., produced a ten-part “Correspondence Course on Soulwinning”. The author of the course and the director of the School of Evangelism was the minister of Gospel Tabernacle, W. T. H. Richards. Lesson No.1 was posted to me on 8th March 1966.

The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Went to Communion
meeting. Rather Quiet. Had leaflets
booklets (Not much good) to put
through doors. Went Aud’s
for tea. Gospel service and
Discussion. No-one got saved
(Don’t think) M. & Les at our house.
M. & Les at our house: For more on Maureen and Les Smith, see Sunday 2nd January 1966.

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