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Sunday 17th April 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

Gospel Meeting
Breaking of Bread
Sunday School.
One assumes that the order of events was:
  • Morning:
    Breaking of Bread.

  • Afternoon:
    Sunday School.

  • Evening:
    Gospel Meeting
Sunday School Teachers’ Training Class
Sunday School: There was homework set in the previous lesson, on Sunday 3rd April 1966.
Click on images, below, to enlarge.

H[o]m[ewor]k Read book of Ruth
H[o]m[ewor]k & (Next Sunday) gather together and
H[o]m[ewor]k split up into 4 & make notes on other page
H[o]m[ewor]k also Jonah.             
On the other page, indicated by the arrow, we find this:
And on the page following the lesson:
Following this, there is an analysis of the Book of Esther, with today’s date on it:
I am not sure whether the undated material, a continuation of Lesson 4, which follows that, belongs here, or to Sunday 24th April 1966; I am assuming the latter.

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