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Sunday 23rd July 1967


In the 1966 diary, after the seven-days-per-opening-plus-notes continuation for January 1967, there appeared sections entitled “NOTES” for the remaining months, two months to each page. Because I had already written in the space for NOTES: JULY 1967, I wrote another couple of July events above it, in the NOTES: JUNE 1967 space:

Written week after
Aud & I finished
Monday or Wednesday
before below. Aud & I went
for v. happy walk on
new road site
Sunday before
28th. Aud & I went for a
walk — very happy.

On the Sunday before 28th July (i.e. on the 23rd), Audrey and I went for a walk and were very happy.

A nearby note states that this was
Written a week after Aud & I finished
which explains the stress on how “happy” we were on the walk. When I wrote this, I was perplexed: how could she have sprung such a shock on me as to finish with me, when we had been so happy such a short time before?

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