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Sunday 5th June 1966


There is no diary-entry for today:
Sunday School Teachers’ Training Class
There may have been another of Mrs. Smith’s classes today, though: undated Lesson 7. The homework from Lesson 6 would also have been reviewed.
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There are four undated entries in the notebook:
  1. Lesson 7, page 30;
  2. Lesson 8, page 31;
  3. Lesson 9, page 33;
  4. Lesson 10, pages 35, 36.
These have to be spread over eight Sundays. It is possible that the lessons became fortnightly. The lack of diary entries for the period makes the dating of lessons 7 to 10 difficult. I guess, as follows:
  • 5th June 1966, Lesson 7, above.
  • Assume no class for 12th June 1966.
  • 19th June 1966, Lesson 8.
  • Assume no class for 26th June 1966.
  • 3rd July 1966, Lesson 9. Although there is an entry in the diary, it does not record events of the day.
  • Assume no class for 10th July 1966. There is an entry for this day in the diary which does not mention Sunday School.
  • 17th July 1966, Lesson 10.
  • Assume no class for 24th July 1966, for the diary states: “Afternoon: Went to see Alec Tee. Woman in bath chair ran!” Alec Tee was a Scottish evangelist who held a campaign in a marquee in a field at South Shore, Blackpool. He prayed for the sick in these meetings.

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