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Tuesday 18th January 1966


At the top of the page for 16–19 January there is a note—

—presumably some sort of revision-plan prior to the exams. In the NOTES section is the following note:

Tue Michael Smith
on Babylon. “The end
of it all”
The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

School: Effy (Eliot)
away, so did Maths & Physics
hwk & revision. At Night
went to church—“Babylon”
conclusion—great! 666 and Anti-
Christ explained. Practised
group with Ger[ald] & Pete. Lift home
from Aud’s.
Mrs. F. E. Elliott, B.A. (Manchester), known as “Effie” from her initials, was a teacher at Fleetwood Grammar School, and was my form teacher in the Lower Sixth (1965–66). I don’t recall her taking me for any lessons, just her doing the routine calling and marking of the attendance-register in the form-room every morning. How, then, her being away freed me up to do mathematics and physics homework and revision, I cannot now tell.

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