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Tuesday 8th February 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

School as usual.
Business meeting at church after
the young men had took
half the meeting. Decided to
start business fund. Went to
Aud’s with my mum and dad.
House meeting: This is a previously written note of very doubtful legibility. Other attempts at transcription have conjectured Homework or Home[work] Maths.

Fleetwood Grammar School was divided into three “houses”: Bailey, Grange and Wyre. I was in Bailey House, and so I wore a blue shirt in Games for Rugby and shorts with a blue stripe down each side for Athletics. Grange’s colour was red, and Wyre’s yellow. “House Meetings” were held from time to time instead of morning Assembly. The House Master for the Bailey boys was the abrupt mannered Mr. Huss (“Tusker”). He was cross-eyed—blind in one eye, I think—and until you got used to him you couldn’t tell whether he was looking at you or not. I found his appearance and manner rather alarming, especially earlier when I was a new pupil at the school. He would start off the meeting with a token prayer taken from the Book of Common Prayer; he might say, “I shall read the Collect for the fourth Sunday after Epiphany,” then proceed to do so. Then the business of the meeting would begin. I remember such meetings being held in the room equipped with work-benches and a fume-cupboard at the corner that had been my form-room in the third year, and the boys sitting on the benches rather than on the stools.

Plan of Fleetwood Grammar School from the 1965 story Back to school after the summer holidays, with the location of Bailey House Meetings shown in yellow

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