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Wednesday 2nd August 1967


I started keeping a diary in a notebook, and at the top of the first page wrote the following:

Working Mrs. West
Tue 1, Wed 2, Thur 3

If yesterday was a convenient place to put Mrs. Wood’s offer of intercession with Audrey, today is a good place to put the results of the said intercession: Johannine Writings XXV.34:
34.And Audrey’s mother reported that she and her husband had both tried hard to persuade Audrey, but Audrey, she said, was determined and persistent in her refusal to go out with me any more.
So yesterday’s “straw-clutching” glimmer of hope was extinguished.

I seem to remember that either yesterday’s offer, or today’s report, took place in Cleveleys, near Thornton Gate, where we had been distributing.

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