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Saturday 17th September 1966


At the top of the page there is a note:

Prayer: Mr. Brunton’s sister
Prayer: Grandma Bidal
       and others
There is also this written in the NOTES space:

Physics practical
Physics reading
Chemistry notes
Finish the project.
The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Get Chemi Questions
Prayer and Testimony
meeting. Went tracting.
Talked to girls about Christ.

It’s rare to find the correct word tracting in my 1966 diary: my usual word is “tracking”. The spiritual defeat that I was experiencing was not complete and unmitigated, then. For I was able to go tracting this evening, and indeed, more than that, talk to some girls about Christ. And on Thursday 15th September 1966 I had been able to testify to my class at school. And on Wednesday 7th September 1966, in the Youth Coffee Bar that the church was running, I had got up and testified.

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