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Sunday 28th August 1966


Went Church 2ce.
Didn’t go Sunday School.
Choir practice.      →David Petts
good. Sick prayed for.
Went [to] church 2ce—i.e. twice. I went to the morning Breaking of Bread service and the evening Gospel Service.

Didn’t go [to] Sunday School: Did I skip Mrs. Smith’s Sunday School teacher training class, then? If a class were not arranged, wouldn’t I write: “No Sunday School”? (The thought occurs that the choir practice might have been held in the afternoon. But it seems more likely that that was held after the evening Gospel Service.)

David Petts: In the 1980’s—i.e. a long time after the event—I transcribed this as “David Potts”; but David Petts now seems more likely; see, e.g. He was the speaker, whom I thought good, at the Gospel Service, and under his ministry the sick were prayed for.

After that meeting (presumably, but see above), there was a choir practice for the forthcoming visit of David Wilkerson to Preston. A choir was assembled from a number of participating churches. Initially, on Sunday 14th August 1966, Sunday 28th August 1966 and Tuesday 30th August 1966, our choir-practices were completely local affairs. Then on Tuesday 6th September 1966 the choirmaster from Preston came over to lead it. We went over to Preston, to join the massed choir for a final rehearsal, on Monday 12th September 1966; and the event itself was on Tuesday 13th September 1966.

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