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Wednesday 24th August 1966


Youth Coffee Bar. 4 or so
came in. Ian’s girl—saved?
Came home—queer feeling—worried.

The Youth coffee bar was an evangelistic venture: young people would be invited in, and our people would then try to talk to them about salvation in Christ. It was perhaps done every two weeks: I have a record of it for Wednesday 24th August 1966, Wednesday 7th September 1966 and Wednesday 21st September 1966. On alternate weeks there was a “youth meeting”: Wednesday 31st August 1966, “Went youth meeting”; Wednesday 14th September 1966, “No youth meeting”.

Ian was one of the “Church of England lot” mentioned on Sunday 10th July 1966 and Sunday 7th August 1966. He had been engaged to a girl called Denise, who was a Roman Catholic. When Ian’s faith was quickened, there arose irreconcilable differences between them, and they broke up. I can’t remember whether they got together again for a short while after Denise was saved, but I do remember that in 1970 she married someone else.

In the NOTES section is written:

NB Are my feelings…
N.B. Are my feelings…: The pen ran out of ink at this point. The final word of the sentence cannot be read in the Ms., and I conjecture: “…genuine?” This note may have to do with Sunday’s “I am having doubts” or this evening’s queer feeling—worried.

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