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I have not posted any articles EXCLUSIVELY relating to specific dates in 1970, as I have done, e.g., for 1966 and 1967. For example, if in 1966 you click on Monday 3rd January 1966, it will take you to an article about Monday 3rd January 1966 and about that date alone. The links, below, are to places within other articles. So, for example, if you click on Sunday 15th November 1970, below, it will take you to an event on that date, among other events on other dates, in an article titled Karen Hodgkinson.
Sunday 1st November 1970
• I felt more than a little attraction to Karen Hodgkinson though I was going out with Gillian
Friday 13th November 1970
• Dream: choice of Karen Hodgkinson or Gillian
Sunday 15th November 1970
• Karen Hodgkinson

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