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Holidays: Middleton Towers, 2

Early Days

Memories of holidays
1. Although the impression of memory is that when I was a child we went on holiday every year to Bridlington during Whit week,[more] I remember mention being made from time to time of two holidays at Middleton Towers holiday camp[1] in Morecambe or Heysham. But these occurred when I was too young to remember them.
[1] Middleton Towers holiday camp: See
Perhaps summer 1952
 2. I dated the first holiday as 1951, when I won a “bonny baby” competition. I have a snapshot of me that was taken in a paddling pool at Middleton Towers; I guess I must be two years old in it, so I assume that it was taken during the second holiday. Whether that took place during Whit week—if we went on the Saturday and came home the following Saturday it would be between the thirty-first of May and the seventh of June, 1952—or whether later, in the summer, I don’t know.

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