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Early Days

Memories of holidays
 1. The impression of memory is that when I was a child we went on holiday every year to Bridlington during Whit week. We were taken there, the six of us—Mum and Dad, Nanny and Grandad Cooper, Steven and I—in a big black taxi driven by Mr. Armstrong, who lived at Anchorsholme near Cleveleys, to a boarding house run by Mr. and Mrs. Yeaman, who had a black Labrador retriever called Monty. Mr. Yeaman would go to the newsagent’s every morning for the newspaper, and Monty would carry it back in his mouth. Mrs. Yeaman cooked the food that we provided for ourselves, so one of my memories is of traipsing round the shops during our time there.

 2. But against there being holidays in Bridlington every year, I remember talk of a holiday on the Isle of Man and of two at Middleton Towers holiday camp
[1],[2] in Morecambe or Heysham. (During one of these I won a “bonny baby” competition.) And I myself remember that one year—early on, but after we moved from Preston to Thornton—we went to Scarborough instead of Bridlington,[3] and also did the same later on. And there were three holidays that I remember we had at Butlin’s holiday camps, the first and third at Pwllheli, and the second at Filey.
[1] Two at Middleton Towers Holiday Camp: See Holidays: Middleton Towers, 1 and Holidays: Middleton Towers, 2.
[2] Middleton Towers holiday camp: The camp closed in 1963. For further information, and photos of the camp after its closure, see
[3] Early on… we went to Scarborough instead of Bridlington: See Holidays: Scarborough, 1.
Isle of Man
 3. The holiday on the Isle of Man, it turns out, occurred before I was born — though after Steven was born—in July 1949.[source]

“Bridlington 1950”
4. Nanny and Grandad Cooper appear on a photograph with “Bridlington 1950” printed underneath. But did we all go on holiday on that occasion? I would only be a day or two old at Whit, or a couple of months old, say, in July.[source]

Middleton Towers holiday camp
5. I have seen a photograph taken at the bonny baby comptetition at Middleton Towers holiday camp, in which my Mum is carrying me but I am not a newborn baby, so I assign this to the first holiday there and date it summer 1951.[more] And I have a photo of me in a paddling pool at Middleton Towers, in which I appear to be about two years old, so I assign this to the second holiday there and date it summer 1952.[more]

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