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Photos of Thornton, September 1978


From The Cooper Diaries, Friday 5th August 2011:
…Scanned the black-and-white negatives that I found yesterday (07:19–08:50). Photo №17, taken through bushes of the far end of the Limebrest Farm caravan-site, appears for the first time, for it was not printed when the photos were originally processed. One strip of negatives was missing, so by a process of elimination I found three prints that must have come from it, and scanned them (09:29–09:30). One thing became clear from the order of the negatives: I had two outings to take the photographs, for №23 was taken at Four Lane Ends, №24 along Fleetwood Road, and №27№29 at my house, but №30 and №31 are back at Four Lane Ends. One of the scanned negatives (№8) had too much cropped from the top, so I scanned it again so that the cropping occurred at the bottom (10:06).… Back on the computer… (23:32). The shadows of … photo №17 looked horribly mottled and “noisy” now that it was dark outside and there was no ambient light around the screen, so I darkened them (00:17). An attempt to do the same for №23 failed. The black-and-white negatives are in strips of four, but for the missing one I only found three prints. I realised what the fourth was: a self-portrait of J and me taken through a mirror. That accounts for why the strip is missing: it has been used for reprints of the self-portrait. So I scanned the faded and dust-contaminated framed print (№25), processed it (00:21) and because it was a mirror-image made a flipped-horizontal, right-way-round version (00:22)…

I took this on Fleetwood Road South, Thornton, heading north towards Four Lane Ends.


Looking back from the same spot. My house is in silhouette to the right.

In the ginnel from Fleetwood Road South to Aintree Road, looking back towards Fleetwood Road South


Chris’s house, 1961–1967, 19 Ascot Road, Thornton

Looking back from Sandown Road into Ascot Road. 19 Ascot Road is behind the telephone-pole.

Looking across Victoria Road East from near the entrance to Sandown Road to the sweetshop on the corner of Victoria Road East and Sandringham Avenue. I then turned right and walked along Victoria Road East.


Looking back at the pillar marking the entrance to Park Road from Victoria Road East


Farther along Victoria Road East, looking back


Even farther along, looking right into Mayfair Drive


Looking towards the end of Victoria Road East, where after the level crossing it becomes Station Road


Signal box and level crossing. The car on the level crossing is proceeding leftwards into Station Road.


“Baines School”, previously and afterwards called Baines Endowed School, on the right side of Station Road


A little farther along Station Road I turned right into School Road. This is the view back towards Station Road.


Looking left from School Road into Limebrest Avenue. The entrance to Limebrest Farm can be seen off Limebrest Avenue to the right, marked by a wooden fence and tyre tracks in the road. See Limebrest Farm, Thornton Cleveleys.


The left one of the two road-signs that can be seen in the previous photo


The entrance to Limebrest Farm. See Limebrest Farm, Thornton Cleveleys.


The Limebrest Farm caravan-site, just visible from Tarnway Avenue. See Limebrest Farm, Thornton Cleveleys.


Back in Station Road, retracing my steps, with the entrance to Baines School to the left and the level crossing ahead


Heading back along Victoria Road East, looking across Balmoral Place at the shops


A further block of shops from the corner of Alexandra Road


Farther along Victoria Road East: Wignall Memorial Methodist Church


Even farther along Victoria Road East, looking to the left and slightly back: Timothy Leech’s old house, 129 Victoria Road East, Thornton

№23 from print

After turning left at Four Lane Ends and looking to the left: the wooden bus shelter

№24 from print

Heading south along Fleetwood Road South, with the entrance to the ambulance station visible ahead to the left

№25 from print

Self-portrait of Janet and me, taken through the mirror in the bedroom

№25, flipped horizontally

Photo flipped to make us appear as others see us, i.e. not a mirror image

№26 from print

Back garden at my childhood home


Apples on the tree at the end of the garden


The back of the house through the apple tree


Start of a second excursion: the front of the house from across Fleetwood Road South


The wooden bus shelter (again), on the south-east corner of Four Lane Ends. Behind the bus shelter is what used to be the Thornton Branch of the District Bank. Behind that, the house on the north-east corner of Four Lane Ends was where Drs. Wylie and Glover held their surgery.


“County Libraries, Thornton Branch”, left, and “Lecture Hall”, right, on the north-west corner of Four Lane Ends


On Victoria Road East, looking back towards Four Lane Ends, with the entrance to Sandown Road to the left and the entrance to Sandringham Avenue to the right, with the sweetshop on the corner


After turning right from Victoria Road East into Park Road, a view on the left side of Park Road of Jones’s house, 1963–


The “Park Road” pillar again, with Wignall Memorial Methodist Church across Victoria Road East


Farther along Victoria Road East, looking to the right: Jones’s house, 1961–1963, 53 Victoria Road East, Thornton


Another view of 53 Victoria Road East, Thornton


Looking west out of the back bedroom window. The chimney on the horizon is part of the government buildings at Norcross.

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