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Sunday 5 February 2012 (3)


[From Sunday 5 February 2012 (2)]

We were given hot towels and, I think, mint tea back on the Jaz Regency. Back in our cabin we found two boats made out of folded towels.



Lunch. Because the Thomson people had an early-start trip planned, breakfast for everyone was to be between 6am and 8am tomorrow. This sparked off a rebellion in our party, but Janet and I withdrew from it before the others’ after-lunch discussion that they decided to have. To the cabin, then to the observation lounge.

16:00:36 Passing Kom Ombo Temple

Afternoon “tea”. Then the vegetable show: cutting and shaping and piecing together vegetables to make animals, fish, etc. I’d seen some examples on the tour of the ship, and on display in the dining room. Then downstairs to buy our costumes for the “galabeya party” — or “jalapeño party”, as I called it (just as I called a trip on a felucca a “fellatio” ride!). Because we’d paid for our Abu Simbel trip in Egyptian, we didn’t have enough currency left; the shopkeeper wouldn’t accept travellers’ cheques but said we could pay him after we’d been to the bank. Just before dinner we went into the reception area to have photos taken and join in the music and dancing that was there.

19:28:09 Maître d’ “Frank Nitti” is by the pillar.




19:29:24 The baby doesn’t know what to make of “Frank Nitti”!


Then we went down for dinner. Ruby and Drew, and Mehran, weren’t dressed up. Back in the cabin, a towel man was waiting for us!


We went upstairs to the “jalapeño party”:

“Frank Nitti” the maître d’, dressed in a white “frock”, got people (including Janet) to get up and dance with him, capturing women with his scarf and dancing, gyrating, twisting, shimmying, bumping, grinding and turning with them. (I was reminded, though, of “David, wearing a linen ephod,” dancing “before the LORD with all his might”! — “How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today…!”) It was clear, from the way he kept dancing with her, that he fancied the buxom strawberry blonde who sat at the table adjacent to ours at mealtimes. But he did his best to get away from the attentions of an older woman, who as it were paid him back in kind — “the randy granny”, I referred to her as! I’m pleased we’d declined earlier to pay the excessive price for the raffle, for the prizes were cheap and paltry. Afterwards, we joined Margaret and Mehran in the dark in the observation lounge, because we were supposed to be going through the lock at Esna ca.11pm. But when that time passed and nothing seemed to be happening we decided to turn in.

[Monday 6 February 2012 (1)]

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