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Sunday 5 February 2012 (2)


[From Sunday 5 February 2012 (1)]

Back in the minibus, and off to the Aswan High Dam. I was kind of expecting a high wall like the one at the Ladybower Reservoir, not the shallow-sloping one that met our eyes.

There was a more visible military presence here than elsewhere that we’d seen.

09:44:10 North facing side, panning from left to right





09:46:00 South facing side, panning from left…

09:46:42 …to right

From there we went to a place that sold papyrus art. We were given a cold hibiscus drink, not sweet as a previous one was, and an interesting demonstration of how papyrus “paper” is made. There were examples on display on the walls on two storeys. We bought a small one. I did like the look of the Coptic art on display up the staircase, but it was a bit too big therefore too dear.

Then on to the Nubian Museum. The exhibits were varied, not exclusively Nubian. Flash photography was not allowed, so some of the images I took were blurry.




11:16:24 Tomb reconstruction

11:18:36 Horse trappings, found in a tomb on a mummified horse

11:21:46 Christian art

11:22:24 Islamic art



11:24:46 Model of the Abu Simbel temples, showing their original and present locations

11:25:38 Mock-up of a Nubian village

11:26:36 Two methods of drawing water for irrigation, one of which was the shaduf (centre). Mrs. Jackson told us about them in Class 4 (1957–1958).


11:27:26 Teaching the Qur’an in a village class

11:27:50 Nubian musicians

11:28:06 Attempt to photograph the decorated door

11:28:30 Another decorated door

11:30:54 Nubian grave

11:31:28 Models of Nubian bowmen

11:36:26 Mummified animal…

11:36:38 …and people



In the bus, back to the river — and another boat trip, in a somewhat larger motor boat than earlier, to the narrowest part of the Nile, through the cataract, and back.




12:18:36 Buffalo calf




12:30:34 Just after passing over the cataract, via the passage just behind the driver

12:41:46 Views on the way back: West bank of the Nile

12:42:20 West side of Elephantine Island, with the tower of the Mövenpick hotel

12:45:22 East side of Kitchener’s Island, showing the Botanical Garden


12:47:10 Felucca wharf, Kitchener’s Island, with the west bank of the Nile in the background

12:47:34 Two boys in a boat and one on some kind of raft

12:49:28 West bank of the Nile

12:51:38 Looking east

12:59:28 Our boat — the leftmost one


We were given hot towels and, I think, mint tea back on the Jaz Regency.

[Continued at Sunday 5 February 2012 (3)]

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