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Thursday 16 June 2016

[Wednesday 15 June 2016]

04:00 Arrive Hull, UK
Iceland, Faroes and Northern Isles Cruise

“Disembarkation Information”

I woke up one or two times in the night, but otherwise didn’t have problems sleeping. Janet had a disturbed night, though. It was still quite foggy and grey outside when we got up a bit before 6am.… We were moored in a dock and in the berth opposite was a red tanker registered in Istanbul. I showered and shaved when Janet vacated the bathroom; packed shaver, computer, etc., in my rucksack, while Janet packed the other carry-off luggage; and we vacated the cabin ca.6.50am. Janet sat in the Captain’s Club while I went to Marco’s Restaurant for Rice Krispies, orange juice, and bacon, putative “sausages” and baked beans. We’d got the taxi booked for 10am, but people such as us with red luggage labels were called off the ship ca.8am. We boarded a shuttle bus and were taken quite a considerable distance — i.e. not just a couple of hundred yards — to the white marquee. (Outward, there’d been an intermediate stop at a terminal building where cards were issued and details taken, and hand baggage checked.) From the marquee I rang the taxi firm. The lady said that she’d send (I couldn’t remember his name, but Janet’s journal has “George”) after his current job. So he arrived ca.9am — we’d gone outside to wait for him — and we were home ca.10am.…


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