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Wednesday 15 June 2016

[Tuesday 14 June 2016]

At sea
Iceland, Faroes and Northern Isles Cruise

“Your daily programme”

“Disembarkation Information”

“It was a wild night!” Janet wrote. “‘Captain Death’ had warned us about extreme weather, and it was a bit rough. Heavy rain also — and it did get dark. We both slept well, though, and were up ca.8.30am.” Perhaps that means “up and dressed”, for I transferred yesterday evening’s five photos from the camera to the WD Elements HDD between 08:06 and 08:07. “We went for breakfast around 9.15am then adjourned to the Captain’s Club briefly.” Janet had two Coca Cola Light, served at one and the same time, and I had two “American” coffees, served separately (09:53, 10:11). Then we returned to the cabin. My presence wasn’t required for the job of packing, so I took myself off and I had multiple turns of Deck 10. There was a woman doing the same, but in the opposite direction, so our paths crossed twice in every cycle. I kept within reach of the handrail when rounding the bow, because of the strong wind. I can’t remember whether the woman stopped first or I did, when I went down the three ladders astern on the port side to return to the cabin. “By ca.11am,” Janet wrote, “I’d managed to spread out and fold everything to go in the cases, so we returned to the Captain’s Club because I needed a break.” I had a 40cl glass of Bitburger draught beer and Janet a Coca Cola Light (11:22). “We were back in the cabin around 11.30am,” Janet wrote, “and we were finished up by ca.12.15pm. Done! Cases all ready and strapped up, to be put out before bed-time.” My services WERE required for the strapping up. Then we went to Marco’s Restaurant for lunch. I went out to the poolside servery to get myself a hamburger, a sausage (meaty, not like the bready things they have at breakfast), and some chips. Then to the Captain’s Club where I had an “American” coffee and Janet a couple of Coca Cola Light (12:14, 12:39). Later we returned to the cabin, before Janet went off for her 2.30pm hairdresser’s appointment.… Added information from till receipts to the diary, and after Janet came back drank the miniature of Highland Park whisky that she bought for me yesterday. I lay down on the bed and dozed off. Janet also decided to lie down, but only for ½-hour, for ca.5.30pm we went to the Captain’s Club for an “aperativo”, then to Marco’s Restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, we went back to the Captain’s Club for “digestivi”. (My usual precision and detail, about drinks I had at what times, are lacking here because I didn’t get hold of the till receipts as I had with all the earlier ones.) We sat at the bar, and the American couple were there again to our left. We listened to the Carmen piano and violin duo. We returned to the cabin ca.8.30pm and put the cases out. I got into bed just before 9pm, and Janet did the same not long afterwards.

[Thursday 16 June 2016]

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