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Another visit to the Williamses and to Sharon

1965, the year that changed my life
Chris sees Dr. Black

February 1965
 1. According to The Georgian, the magazine of The Grammar School, Fleetwood:
Feb. 25 — Break for Mid-term.
Mar. 2 — School re-opened after Mid-Term.
“Feb. 25” was a Thursday. I take the entry in The Georgian to mean that we attended school on the 25th and broke up that evening. The “Mid-term” holiday proper, then, would be Friday 26th February to Monday 1st March. I assume that we went to the Williamses’ to stay that weekend, and attended at least the Sunday meetings at Sharon.
Peter Gooding and I went to Fleetwood Grammar School, but Chris went to Baines’ Grammar, Poulton-le-Fylde, which tended to have different break-up and return dates from Fleetwood’s. The precise dates of Chris’s “Mid-term” break, or “half-term”, as we called it, are not known, but must have coincided sufficiently with ours to make the visit to Sharon possible.

Saturday 27th February 1965
 2. I have no recollection of the journey to Manchester. I assume that we went on the Saturday, but have no recollection of how we travelled, whether by train or by bus. At some point we started to get the “X60” bus to Manchester from the Coliseum bus station, South Shore, Blackpool. The bus station in Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, with its low, white buildings (they were faced with white tiles or built of white-glazed bricks), would become very memorable to us as the scene of several arrivals and departures in those days. Journeys by bus were slower than those by train, and what’s more, the Coliseum was inconvenient to get to — it was right at the opposite end of Blackpool from Thornton, where we lived, and you had to get two buses to reach it, unless Chris’s Dad would give us a lift in his car. But it was considerably cheaper by bus.

"The bus station in Lower Mosley Street, Manchester,… the scene of several arrivals and departures in those days" — now the site of international concert venue Bridgewater Hall
My parents and Gooding’s visit Sharon

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