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Trevor reappears on my scene

Early Days

Perhaps spring 1963
 1. At some time in 1963, Trevor reappeared on my scene. I had not seen him for some time, but one day—perhaps one Saturday—he decided to go round and see how I was, or to see if I would still be friendly. And about five people were there at my house.
 (When recalling this, Trevor at first thought that one of them was Alan Fairhurst.
[1] But I don’t remember being friendly with Fairhurst, at least not to the extent of his being round at my house. I don’t even have a mental picture of what Fairhurst looked like. He was Chris’s friend, and Chris, as far as Trevor was concerned, did not appear on the scene till later than this day. And if Fairhurst had tagged along with Leech,[2] I cannot imagine that Trevor would forget Leech’s presence. Trevor does remember the Webster twins,[3] that they were there; I was, and Trevor became, quite friendly with the Websters. But who the others were I do not know. Chris wasn’t there, neither was Gooding. Perhaps another one was David Rotheram.)[4]
[1] Alan Fairhurst: See Alan Holmes Fairhurst and David Charles Jones.
[2] Timothy Leech: See Timothy Leech; Trevor Davies; Chris moves to Thornton; The Emeralds, Mallards, Broadswords and Hellfires Club; The Leeches; The Fairhursts and the Leeches; “You’re in league with Leech”; The Ghostiologists.
[3] The Webster twins: See New friendships.
[4] David Rotheram: See Early days at Fleetwood Grammar School: Rotheram.
 2. Trevor and I started to see each other on a Saturday; and I would tell him about this Jones character, who, in my opinion at this time, was very good for a laugh. So Trevor and I used to go to see him sometimes. When Trevor reappeared, then, he discovered that the “in thing” was “wrecking” Jones. (I think, in fact, that it was Trevor who introduced us to the word “wreck” in this context; it may have been Kirkham Grammar School slang.) We would go and see Jones, get a few cheap laughs at his expense, and then get booted out—ejected from his premises.

 3. Before long Trevor met up with Chris, through me. Perhaps he called to see me, and Chris was there. This is also how he met Peter Gooding, possibly initially separately from Chris. And then when we got together we would often amuse ourselves with talk of Jones, what he had got up to, or what he had said.

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