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Trevor Davies

Early in 1960, when I was in the penultimate class at Church Road County Primary School, Thornton, I was minding my own business as I waited for the bus home from school, when I was approached by a boy, in the top class and therefore a year older than I. He enquired where I lived — Fleetwood Road — and realising that this was near to where he had just moved — Laurel Drive — he declared, “I think you’ve found yourself a playmate”, even though it was he who found me. (He had moved from Taywood Road, Thornton, though he originally came from Bolton, near Manchester.)

"Church Road County Primary School, Thornton", in 1992

"Where I lived", photo taken 1979

"Where he had just moved", photo taken 2003
At the end of that school year, the boy, Trevor Davies, went on to Kirkham Grammar SchoolKirkham lies between Thornton and Preston — and because he had to concentrate on his studies I saw little of him after that.[more] But our friendship was renewed when after a break he looked me up in 1963.[more] Even so, our contact was limited by the fact that Trevor still always seemed to be doing school homework.

Trevor, late 1960s, and in 1975

Kirkham Grammar School
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