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Pamela’s tenth letter

1965, the year that changed my life
Pamela’s ninth letter

Perhaps Monday 5th July 1965
 Pam wrote her tenth letter to me on Saturday, “3/7/65”, and posted it the next day, so I probably received it on Monday 5th July 1965.

69, Upper Chorlton Rd.
Whalley Range, 
M/c 16  

Dear John,
 I’m sorry you took me seriously about my name being Enid as I was only joking. Actually, my middle name’s Kay.
[At least, that’s what I thought she wrote. Later on, I learned that her middle name is May.] It’s a slight improvement, don’t you agree?
 I suppose you will be glad you’ve finished your exams. When do you get the results?
 It’s my day off work today so I’ve been getting all my odd jobs done, washing, etc. I think I’d go mad if I was a housewife stuck in the house all the time.
 I’ll probably be going to Wath-on-Dearne in Yorkshire on Monday to see my beloved cousin. (That’s Pastor Barratt’s eldest daughter.) It will be a change from work, anyway.

Well, I’ll close now, John.
See you soon.
Love, Pam.
  x x x x x

Pamela’s eleventh letter

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