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The death of Mr. Gooding

1965, the year that changed my life
Letters from the W—s and the Williamses

Perhaps September 1965
 1. One morning, Chris and I walked to the Limebrest Farm caravan site [trailer park] to call on Peter Gooding, who lived there.

Entrance “to the Limebrest Farm caravan site” in 1979

 The ’van door was opened by Mrs. Gooding, Peter’s Mum, and we said cheerfully, “Hello! How’s Mr. Gooding?” It was naturally the first question we would ask.
 “Mr. Gooding passed away last night,” she replied, levelly.
 I remember feeling embarrassed because of our initial levity of mood, but don’t remember what happened immediately afterwards.

 2. We went to Mr. Gooding’s funeral service at Carleton Cemetery. My Mum tells me that it was cancer he died of, and that he was cremated. He was a lot older than Mrs. Gooding. The service was taken by Pastor Smith. Afterwards, we went for the tea that was laid on at the Posy Bowl Café nearly opposite Jones’s old house in Victoria Road, Thornton.

“The Posy Bowl Café…”

“…nearly opposite Jones’s old house in Victoria Road, Thornton” — 2003 photo.

The Posy Bowl Café has gone now, but its location can be seen in the video of Friday 19th June 2009 at approx. 02:03.
Back to school after the summer holidays

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