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A letter from the Williamses

1965, the year that changed my life
Back to school after the summer holidays

Perhaps Thursday 16th September 1965
 Mrs. Williams, replying to a letter of mine, wrote to me on behalf of them all, on “Tuesday” 14th September 1965. She posted it the next day, so I probably got it on Thursday.

69, Upper Chorlton Road,
Whalley Range,   
Manchester 16. 

Dear John,
 Thank you so much for your letter. So sorry we have been so long in answering it but we have been so busy with the campaign since we arrived home. We were sorry to hear about Peter’s father but were very glad to know he was saved. “Praise the Lord.”
 It was nice to see Christopher and his Mum and Dad and Grandmother at the meeting the week before last, and it’s also wonderful to hear about your family giving their hearts to the Lord.
 You are all doing a good work for the Lord and we rejoice with you here, and we pray for you all.
 We were pleased to hear you did so well in the GCE exam. Your Mum and Dad must have been pleased.
 There have been about a hundred decisions in the campaign which finished last Sunday, so God has blessed. “Granada” have given us a copy of the film “Sharon” so we are showing it Sat[urday] night and then it is going to be shown in different assemblies round the country.
 I will enclose a news-letter as you will be interested in it as you are in it.
Hazel has given her notice in at “Boots” as she feels she wants a change, so we are trusting she will get another job she likes better. I will close now John as that seems to be all the news.
 God Bless.
   Lots of Love,
 Pastor and Mrs. Williams,
   Hazel and Pam.

John Nelson Parr (1886-1976)

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