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Friday 7th January 1966


Went to Manchester
with Aud & par mum
to pick up her dad who
was studying there. Home
via Blackburn. Met Ann & Naomi.
Went to Manchester with Audrey and her Mum to pick up her Dad who was studying there: Audrey’s Dad worked for the ICI as a section foreman, and the firm had sent him on some course in Manchester. He found such things a bit too demanding for him sometimes.

Home via Blackburn: Audrey’s Dad had an older sister (whose first name I forget, but who, I think, was Mrs. Fletcher) who lived in Blackburn and was a member of the Assemblies of God church there. There was evidently a church meeting that evening, for I met Ann and Naomi there. See Johannine Writings XI.6, Holiday in Scarborough — Day One, Holiday in Scarborough — Day Six, Holiday in Scarborough — Day Seven, Holiday in Scarborough — Day Eight, The Free Trade Hall, Friday 8th April 1966.

The following document appears in the Mss. for today. It is a ca.1982 revision of material recorded in 1977.

When I was going
out with Audrey I
saw Ann Fenton at
Blackburn Assembly
[of God]. We all
went in a back room
[for a cup of typical
church tea — weak
stuff with the milk
already in it, in the
teapot;] and we sat
on wooden forms, and
Ann Fenton had a chat
with me over the back
of one of these wooden
[ ] I would question
whether this happened
on this particular

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