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Holiday in Scarborough — Day Eight

1965, the year that changed my life
Holiday in Scarborough — Day Seven

Saturday morning 24th July 1965

A Camp Week begins with tea on Saturday and ends with breakfast
on the following Saturday.
               —extract from the 1965 brochure
 1. I have the feeling that before we all parted company we had a final meeting of worship together. And there came a message in tongues. It was a woman’s voice, very melodic in sound, and consisted of four or five, seemingly identical, sets of seven syllables. (In what follows, I attempt to indicate by accents the rising (´), falling (`), or staying the same (ˆ), of her tone:)
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
I looked around to see who was speaking — and it was Ann!
 When she stopped, Uncle Tom gave the interpretation. When he finished speaking, Ann started again:
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
ône — twô — thrêe — fô-ú-`r — fîve — síx — sèven —
— and Uncle Tom interpreted again.
 I was amazed at the clear, ringing sound of the voice — and that it was Ann!
 2. I think Chris went off separately from Peter and me. (We were returning to Thornton, but he was going to visit his former home town Grimsby.) For I remember that as we were about to leave the chalet for the last time with our luggage, Peter and I noticed that Chris had failed to pack a pair of socks. But we couldn’t be bothered to pick them up and pack them for him ourselves, and either just left them or threw them in a bin.

 3. I always associate the Beatles’ song Help! with Ann Fenton,
[1] and with gathering for the camp bus. The song was released on 23rd July 1965. Perhaps someone had a radio.
[1] Ann Fenton: See Johannine Writings XI.6, Holiday in Scarborough — Day One, Holiday in Scarborough — Day Six, Holiday in Scarborough — Day Seven, The Free Trade Hall, Friday 7th January 1966, Friday 8th April 1966.
 4. Ann and I parted with a kiss at Scarborough Central railway station. My only regret there, was that I was bending forward to kiss her; it would have been far more agreeable to have clasped her close to me.

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 5. Soon after my arrival home, I wrote to Pam. Some of what I wrote can be judged from her reply, which I received, perhaps, the following Thursday. It seems that I accepted with good grace her termination of our relationship, but questioned whether the same should have happened between Hazel and Chris.

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