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1966 diary: Page 4


The diary that I started to keep in 1966 is a small week-to-an-opening volume. Page 4 was for Personal Notes:
At the start of the year, the house I lived in (with my parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper) didn’t have a street-number; it had a name: Overdale—but judging by my over-writing on this page, the Royal Mail gave it a number (226) during 1966.

I had had a Post Office Savings Bank account ever since I was a small child, living in Ashton, Preston. It may have been opened by one of my uncles who was my godfather.[more] Each Post Office branch issued its own account numbers at that time, and mine was Ashton Lane Ends 2544.

The contents of pages 5 to 16 are as follows:
Page 5 The Metric System
Page 6 Festivals and Anniversaries
Page 7 Bank & Public Holidays / Quarter Days
Page 8 Sunrise & Sunset times
Pages 9–11 First Aid
Pages 12 & 13 Weights & Measures
Page 14 Calendar: This Year 1966
Page 15 Calendar: Next Year 1967
Page 16 Calendar Notes 1965–69/Cycles & Seasons 1966

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