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Monday 18th April 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

Went to Blackpool for
clothes. Went for ride
to Lancaster & Galgate in
Jeff’s car.
Went for ride to Lancaster and Galgate in Jeff’s car: Audrey’s cousin Geoffrey Blundell was receiving driving tuition from Audrey’s Mum; and today, with her in the front passenger seat, he took me and Audrey for a drive. We went to Lancaster, and to Galgate where David[1] and Angela[2] Bidle lived. Cf. Wednesday 16th March 1966 and Friday 8th July 1966.

David was the “man with dark, neatly Brylcreemed hair and a moustache” who “picked out the melody on a fat acoustic guitar fitted with a pickup which was plugged into an amplifier” on Our first visit to the Full Gospel Church, Fleetwood.
[2] Angela: I mentioned her in The Knott End campaign begins.

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