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Sunday 10th April 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

Breaking of bread.
E. Wrigglesworth prophesied—same
theme as before (P. Convention—
messages in tongues at Church).
Rather depressed except for this.
Gospel Meeting—no decisions. Pastor
Oldfield—was depressed until after
church rendezvous—Pastor Oldfield spoke
on European work—really appreciated
the powers of darkness at work
Same theme as before—presumably that we should yield ourselves wholly to Christ; see Friday 8th April 1966.

Gospel Meeting—no decisions: In other words, no-one responded in the “appeal”. Presumably, the speaker was Pastor Oldfield, who also spoke in the “after-church rendezvous”. He was the pastor of the Ormskirk Assemblies of God church, but was also heavily involved in evangelistic ventures into mainly Catholic Europe, taking parties of young people over there. Among these in 1964 were Maureen and Les Smith.[1]

[1] Maureen and Les Smith: See Sunday 2nd January 1966.

Cover of the magazine
European Herald, October 1965 edition

Cover photo

Detail from the cover photo

Photo of Pastor Oldfield from page 4 of the magazine. The van pictured was involved in a collision with another vehicle during the 1965 trip and overturned. It was considered a miracle that no-one was seriously injured.

Detail from the photo

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