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Sunday 20th March 1966


At the top right of this week’s page-opening, I scribbled:

Got more RC gen
this week.
Got more R[oman] C[atholic] gen [information] this week: Cf. Thursday 24th February 1966.

The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Went to church
(as I thought) ½
hour early. Forgot to put clocks on
so half an hour late. Broke bread.
Mrs. Smith’s class. Went Gospel
Meeting and then Cumberland hostel.
Maureen and Les, Mrs. Wood etc. at our
Maureen and Les: See Sunday 2nd January 1966.

Cumberland Hostel:
an old people’s home in Fleetwood. People from the Full Gospel Church would go there from time to time to conduct a service, usually after the church’s own evening Gospel Meeting. I mention another such service in my diary-entry for Sunday 10th July 1966.

Sunday School Teachers’ Training Class
Mrs. Smith’s class: Below are notes written during the session: Lesson 2: Further Requirements….
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