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Thursday 24th February 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

Jones gave me gen on
Catholics—I gave him “Decision”
tract. He thanked me fervently
for everything “I’d” done (true or
false?). Went prayer meeting—
Great time. Went to Ivy Blundell’s house.
Jones gave me gen [information] on Catholics: This was a series of about 10 booklets, each covering different aspects of the Roman Catholic faith, which Jones had got from the Catholic Enquiry Service, I think, by responding to a newspaper ad. He gave, or more strictly speaking, lent them to me. But I decided to send for my own copy. Cf. entries in week commencing Sunday 6th March 1966 and Sunday 20th March 1966.

True or false?—
i.e. that “I’d” done anything. He said things like, “Thank you, Coops, for saving me”, when of course I’d done no such thing: I had merely “witnessed” to him—pointed out to him the means by which he could be saved.

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