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Sunday 27th February 1966


The diary-entry for today is as follows:

Went Communion meeting—good.
Mr. Lowe afternoon with dolls.
Did small amount knocker
work. Quite good Gospel meeting.
Went to our house (night) with
Aud. Mr. Lowe stopped—showed
us his dolls.
Mr. Lowe was a ventriloquist, primarily a children’s entertainer seeking to lead them to faith in Christ.

Mr. Lowe afternoon with dolls could refer to an appearance at Warren Street Sunday School; cf. Sunday 16th January 1966.

Mr. Lowe stopped—showed us his dolls: Mr. Lowe was at our house after the Gospel Meeting. It was strange when the dummy “spoke”, and we answered it—as if it were a real person! I am not sure of the extent of the hospitality which my parents provided: meals or overnight stay. Stopped implies the latter.

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