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Thursday 20th January 1966


At the top of the page for 20–22 January there is a note—

—presumably some sort of revision-plan prior to the exams. The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Off school again, so
could not go to prayer
meeting. Aud came down
at night, so I was alright!
I suppose Audrey “broke the rules” somewhat, when instead of going to the prayer meeting she came down to see me, but I remember feeling very pleased that she did. She wore a fairly figure-hugging (and therefore figure-accentuating) sweater with a roll neck and long sleeves, with a pattern of big lozenges on it in two shades of grey. It was made of soft wool with a furry nap, so cuddling her in it felt good. I also remember the presence of auburn-haired, pretty Margaret, the current girlfriend of John Hudson (he may therefore have been there with our Steve), and I remember hearing, perhaps for the first time, The Beatles’ LP Rubber Soul, which had come out early the previous month.

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