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Tuesday 26th July 1966


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depressedW. CUP
Been like this month or two

Watched W[orld] Cup: This was the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Of myself, I didn’t much care for football, but Audrey’s brother Ken was fanatical about it, and some of his enthusiasm rubbed off on me. This particular match was the semi-final between England and Portugal at Wembley Stadium, which began at 7.30pm.

Very depressed: It seems that the depression started with my inability to come to terms with my conscience over too much snogging (see, e.g. Saturday 9th July 1966), and was exacerbated when I finally gave way to “” on Sunday 10th July 1966, and kept on doing so. However, the earlier reference only takes the story back just over three weeks; according to my diary-entry here I had been like this a month or two.

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