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Tuesday 2nd August 1966


In the NOTES section for this week, I wrote:

AND → • ?
I was evidently trying to encourage myself to resume a life of faith, overcome the habit of “”, and resume my doing the religious census on the knocker. The diary-entry proper for today is as follows:

Went Nanny Paine’s with Aud.
Not in.
Went “Duchess’s” with Aud.
Went Bible Study.

Went Nanny Paine’s with Aud: Presumably, I was bowing to parental (or at least my Mum’s) pressure to pay Nanny and Grandad Paine a visit: a journey of two bus-rides to South Shore, Blackpool. Not in: This was the risk one took visiting people in the days when most people did not have a telephone.

“The Duchess” was the rather disrespectful nickname by which my family referred to my Mum’s posh great-aunt Cissie. I remember the visit to the bungalow in Trunnah Road, Thornton, and her husband Uncle Bertie’s expressing his disbelief in the literal and historical truth of the Old Testament, e.g. the Exodus from Egypt. I found myself unable to gainsay what he was telling me, except in that I did not give him my agreement.

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